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Homes with damaged or tired exteriors benefit greatly from restucco work. Restucco is a good choice because of longevity, consistency of the new product, and curb appeal. Make your home the envy of the neighborhood this summer!

Bug Off Stucco & Home Maintenance specializes in residential stucco, drywall, block work and concrete. From small repairs to complete restuccos, we provide quality work at an affordable price.

Friendly and professional staff set us apart from other stucco companies. Give us a call to speak with some of our customers!

Why Choose Stucco?

Stucco walls are preferred by a large number of homeowners today because of the cost savings, durability, and lack of maintenance required. Stucco can be sprayed down, it is easy to make repairs to cracks, and it is not susceptible to damage from extreme weather conditions.

Stucco finishes are mixtures of cement that are extremely durable to almost anything. This type of siding will last a homeowner for many years without having to do anything. As well as adding beauty to your home, stucco adds thousands of dollars to the market value of your home.

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